Alien Arena Wiki

Galaxy is the frontend to Alien Arena. It has a built in server browser and minimalist IRC client for connecting to #alienarena. It is currently Windows only, but other frontends, such as the FUSE server browser, are available for non-Windows platforms.


-Server browser

-IRC client (only connects to #alienarena on a set of preselected servers. Certain functions, such as private messaging, are not included).

-Friends list/checker



Galaxy is launched using either the "Alien Arena" shortcut, or through galaxy.exe. When it is first launched, it will ask for the player's (game) name, email address (not required), game directory (should be set by default), and IRC server. It will also ask to connect to IRC automatically or not (new players are recommended to set this ON). Click OK to save these settings. This menu can be revisited in File > Configuration

After the initial configuration is done, press Refresh to get a server list. The list can be sorted by two options, number of players (this includes bots), or by ping (default). Next to each server is a computer icon. Servers with only a monitor next to them are listen, and servers with a tower next to them too are dedicated. When a server is selected, the top right window is the player window. Players with zero ping are either bots, or players who haven't fully connected yet.