I've been playing since January of 2006, active in the community since June of 2006. Formed the BPC clan in August 2006, left it for VILE in late 2007. Was a coleader of ND for a few months in mid 2008, but after Phonix's departure and the breakup of the clan, I went back to VILE (now FM) in October of 2008. Was a channel op and forum moderator until I could no longer handle duties.

I am quite the hothead.

My goals for Alien Arena mostly revolve around helping the community mature to become less dependent on higher ups and more democratic at all levels, despite the low possibilities. I also hope to learn C, at least enough to do a bit of development work eventually. I am a retired mapper (yet still the overbearing critic).

In case I didn't explain it enough, I can be quite an asshole, as well as quite anarchistic, depending on my mood.

Gruetamer 23:23, 27 October 2008 (UTC)

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